Thursday, May 1, 2008

A big welcome!

Start polishing your horns for IdeaCampPune! Come up with your ideas and shake things up. We are expecting to see all ye geeks, designers, social softies, management freaks or shall we say anybody who has an ‘idea’… What is essential is that in a true Barcamp spirit everyone must talk. While we are at it, let me highlight that we do not want individuals/companies coming to us and pitching their developed products.

Keep an eye on this IdeaCampPune blog as we will keep you updated on latest happenings, what to expect and what’s on offer and of course proposes ideas.

1 comment:

Akshay Wagh said...

Here's the 1st one of the 2 ideas I have in mind.
I will be taking up a crash course in film-making this weekend. Will be able to elaborate on this idea only then :(

2. Make-over for cars in Pune
This one came up in my mind after watching the show 'MTV pimp my ride'. I hope to create something like a DC (Dilip Chhabria) revolution here in Pune