Friday, May 16, 2008

Fostering the tech community in Pune

This is more of a discussion.

How can we increase participation in community activities in Pune.
There already exist things like:
Are you a part of any of these organizations? If yes, what do you like about them? How would you improve them? How can they add value to you? What would you do to increase the activity and membership?

If you are not part of one or more of these, why not? Did you not know about it? Or are they not doing anything that you find interesting? What should they do to get you to participate.

Any other organizations / activities you would like to see in Pune? Something that happens in other cities and should be started here? A completely new idea of your own? A website or a social network that you think should be started?

Let us spend some time on these issues and see if we can c ome up with a list of activities that we would like to participate in, and push.

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