Thursday, May 15, 2008

Forethought on Sessions

We will have 2 simultaneous tracks in 2 different rooms. Apart from these tracks its ok if you want to start a ‘corridor discussion’ for impromptu and flash sessions. If you have something to share that doesn’t necessarily need a big screen, and you want it to be more interactive, you can start corridor discussion any time. Pretty darn sweet!

The presentation schedule will be filled in between 9AM and 9:45AM, on a first come - first served basis for the 2 rooms.

If you are presenting an idea, then the premise should be laid out in 10 minutes and the rest of the 20 minutes should be meant only for ideating. Come prepared with a slide-deck explaining
  • What your idea is
  • What is the problem/need identified and how does your idea solve that problem or need
  • Who is the target audience and how do they benefit from your idea.

Please post your presentations on the blog after the event for those who could not make it to the camp.

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