Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TalkBack.com - Innovative community creating quality products

Idea: Community actively participating with businesses to create products they need.


Many users have ideas of what 'they' want from a particular product or service, and they are willing to help companies to improve their products,but they want someone to listen to them. At the same time every business needs feedback on it's products and services.So users can play a major role in providing companies different sources of innovation.Feedback is central aspect of that.

Talkback will not be 'just another review' site, here users feedback will matter, and real business people will 'listen' to users feedback. If companies like user's feedback, they will reward them. Users will earn credibility points, based on company ratings and ratings by other user.With this companies can 'seek' good customers,who have already set their preferences for feedback they like to give, who will give them feedback or suggest some changes, this will be more effective for the companies.TalkBack will act as a 'medium' or 'platform' for that communication.

For Companies TalkBack.com will be a:
1. Feedback tracking tool: Which companies can use to improve their product or services.
2. Innovation tool: Where users will help companies in building innovative productive, either through active participation or quality suggestions, and getting rewarded in return.

For Users TalkBack.com will be a:

1. Tool to find best quality product, and businesses.
2. Tool to be a creative contributor to society, and also earning money in the process.
3. Product research tool, when people move to new towns, where Talkback will show feedback of particular place set by local users.

Research Done :

"Eric von Hippel of MIT discovered that most products and services are actually developed by users, who then give ideas to manufacturers. This is because products are developed to meet the widest possible need; when individual users face problems that the majority of consumers do not, they have no choice but to develop their own modifications to existing products, or entirely new products, to solve their issues. Often, user innovations will share their ideas with manufacturers in hopes of having them produce the product, a process called free revealing."

Source : Wikipedia.org

TalkBack.com will help in streamlining above process.


Many users or companies can misuse TalkBack.com for faking feedback of their products or services. Solution for this is, monitoring user's activities or rating by users or companies.

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