Friday, May 16, 2008

More on the Venue

I am posting on behalf of all the volunteers while they are straightening up the kinks.

‘All keen participants and their wondrous ideas are gladly welcomed to IdeaCampPune at Persistent System Ltd (PSL), Pune. Before moving into the campus of PSL, let us know little about the campus and the arrangements made for us.

Participants are requested to arrive at the security cabin located adjacent to the main entry gate before 9:00 AM. There you'll seek permission for the entry and also register your belongings like laptops, pen drives etc. for the security check. We will be definitely there to help you out.

From there you'll, move into the main porch (Floor 1) of the building towards the registration desk. Main porch separates two building of the company, as ‘Aryabhata’ on the left and ‘Pingala’ on the right (names of the buildings are tribute to the great ancient mathematician and scientist respectively). Both the buildings are connected via lobby at each floor.

After registration, you're requested to enter ‘Aryabhata’, and head toward the cafeteria (Floor 7) for the kick-off.

In cafeteria, at 9:45 AM, Mr. Shrikant Sundarajan, COO of Persistent Systems Ltd., will kick off the event. (Please be particular about this time). After the event kick off, all participants are requested to move towards the 2 assembly halls located on 4th floor of both the buildings, based on the session you want to attend.

All the presentations and idea sharing will be held in these assembly halls – PG4 and AR4.’

Looking forward to a weekend of creativity and camaraderie!

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