Monday, May 12, 2008

Telephone Directory/Yellow Pages through Mobile

Does it happen to you that you are out with friends and you feel like having a pizza. But you don't know where exactly pizza hut is located in the area? Well, to solve this problem, we can embed a telephone directory / yello pages in the mobile so that findig a particular store / shop in an area won't be troublesome.

Possible uses
1. To find particular service provider in any area (listing can be done as per area or as per service)
2. To find emergency services like blood bank, hospitals, medical shops etc in any area
3. Stores and shops can use it for advertising

How to implement
1. Through an application which will be be installed in the handset
2. Through a wap site. The data will be fetched on mobile though GPRS
3. Through SMS enquiry {This will cost the end customer for each enquiry. So this should preferably be avoided. Also JustDial already has similar service in operation}.

Possible Shortcomings
1. Maintaining existing database and maintaining the new additions
2. Will work only on high end mobiles
3. Any more....?

Dinesh Soni
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